Hundred shades of green roofs

A new project funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has been recently launched in cooperation with entomologists. The project is aimed at assessing the impact of green roofs on biodiversity in cities. The project brings together experts from both disciplines to monitor the presence of plants and insects on green roofs. The project aims to find out which species of plants and insects are able to get on the roofs, how the roofs are evolving, and what impact they have on local ecosystems. The first phase of data collection started last week in České Budějovice. We expect interesting results that could contribute to a better understanding of the ecological functions of green roofs in urban environments.

Workshop Regional seed mixtures - new insights and future perspectives

This week, a workshop focused on meadow restoration using regional seed mixtures was held in the White Carpathians. Together with our Norwegian colleagues, we had the opportunity to see many interesting sites with examples of good practice. Wednesday morning was devoted to a summary of the finishing project Regional seed mixtures as an effective tool for the conservation of grassland habitat diversity. We shared the newly gained experience and preliminary results and presented future perspectives. In return, our Norwegian colleagues presented their knowledge of the management of restored grasslands.

A big thank you belongs to the organizers of the workshop Czech Union for Nature Conservation Bílé Karpaty. Other partners of the project are Agrostis Trávníky s.r.o., Department of Botany and Zoology MUNI, Czech Union for Nature Conservation, and Czech Union for Nature Conservation Vlašim.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Norwegian funds.

European Nature Restoration Law

If you are wondering why the European Union should adopt the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), read this report written by the Legal Working Group of the European Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration.

Urban ecology and regional seed mixtures at secondary school

Our partner school, Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School Benešov, invited us to give a lecture to their students about near-natural maintenance of the urban greenery and also about regional seed mixtures. Both topics will be incorporated into the developing educational materials materials within the TEAM#UP project. About 25 students from several different study programs listened to the lectures given by Klára and Kamča. We thank you for the invitation and we hope that the students enjoyed our talks.


Research on green roofs

Green roofs - can they help increase biodiversity in cities? Which organisms except insects can establish there spontaneously? What possibilities does this man-made habitat offer? In the following season, we will try aswer these questions together with our new bachelor student, Agáta.

On Monday the first visit of selected roofs took place. In addition to the South Bohemian region, we also plan to visit roofs in the Pilsen region.

Photo: Jiří Řehounek

Big event in the TEAM#UP project

We are thrilled to share the highlights from the first meeting of the esteemed TEAM#UP's Advisory Board members. You can find the inspiration of their energy and strategic vision driving our project forward in the press release.


TEAM#UP at a conference Two Days with Didactics of Biology

On February 8 and 9, a conference called Two Days with Didactics of Biology took place in Prague. Lenka attended the conference. In addition to gathering a lot of inspiration for creating our educational materials, she had the opportunity to promote the TEAM#UP project in front of about 45 teachers. The contribution has been a success and according to the feedback from teachers, it is clear that our work makes sense. We are pleased that we could take part in this inspiring event!

Our educatinal video celebrates its first success

The development of the educational materials within TEAM#UP is in full swing. Our first ready-made pieces are educational videos on spontaneous succession and assisted restoration. Students of the Vodňany Grammar School bravely seized the opportunity for unofficial (and unplanned) testing of our video about spontaneous succession in practice. During the "Upside-down day", Julie Řehounková gave a lecture on ecology and then the students watched the freshly created video about spontaneous succession. We were very pleased by the feedback. The students liked the video. From the small test quiz, we learned that there is so much information in the video that it is not possible to absorb it after one view. Yet, the students did very well in the quiz.

We firmly believe that other parts of our educational materials will celebrate the same success.

Photo: Jiřka Šandová

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