Back to school 2023

Back to school is the name of the weekend for secondary school teachers, which is regularly organized by the Faculty of Science USB. Our working group also participated in the program this year. At first, Klára presented an urban ecology topic and showed that even a minor change in greenery maintenance could cause a big difference in biodiversity. Her presentation was followed by Lenka advertising the TEAM#UP project. In the end, we prepared an interactive program at the faculty garden, where teachers had the opportunity to see examples of good practice in the urban environment under the snow. We hope that the teachers enjoyed our program and will think of incorporating restoration ecology into their teaching. 

Experimental plots at Raná were sown

Together with our partners, Agrostis Trávníky and the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, we sowed another experimental field with a regional seed mixture. The new experimental plot is at Raná and the seed mixture was brush-harvested either directly on the Raná hill, or on a nearby meadow on Milá hill. If everything goes well, Stipa steppe might enlarge by half a hectare within a few years.

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Norwegian funds.

TEAM#UP project website

We are happy to announce that the website of the TEAM#UP project has been launched. At you will find project updates, a knowledge platform with teaching materials in the national languages as well as in English, events and workshops and much more.

The TEAM#UP project aims to expand the existing knowledge in the field of ecological restoration to vocational education and training. Through the cooperation between vocational schools, university and research institutions, and sectoral partners, open educational materials on ecological restoration will be developed. 


TEAM#UP: Meeting of the Czech partners

We hosted a meeting of Czech TEAM#UP partners on Wednesday, 11th October in České Budějovice. Thanks to the great participation of representatives of the Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School Benešov and on-line participation of Kateřina Urbánková, representative of the Pro-Bio Association of Organic Farmers, we could discuss in detail the progress of the work and the content of the teaching materials that will be created within the project. Participants also had the opportunity to visit the Faculty garden, which serves as a demonstration site and an example of good practice using near-natural restoration in the city. We believe that the meeting was fruitful and we look forward to the next one, this time in Benešov.


Restoration Ecology Group at the SER2023 Conference

These days, the World Conference on Ecological Restoration is taking place in Darwin, Australia. Our Restoration Ecology Working Group has a strong representation at the conference. Klára and Karel presented more general contributions about the factors that influence spontaneous succession on a global scale (Karel), and the possibilities and limitations of the use of spontaneous succession in European mining sites (Klára). During the poster session, Anička presented the Catalogue of Successional Stages SUCCESS, which is currently under construction, and Kamča presented the results of our project on the production of regional seed biomass. We wish all participants a pleasant rest of the conference.

Seminar "How to establish a flowering grassland"

The seminar called "How to establish a flowering grassland" took place on 4th September at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Based on the number of participants, we assume that this is a current and appealing topic. In the afternoon, there was also a practical demonstration of brush harvesters used to collect seeds (or rather seed biomass) of plant species.

We sincerely thank Calla - Association for Preservation of the Environment for organizing the seminar, and Jiří Řehounk for the photos.

TEAM#UP: New project for incorporation of restoration ecology into vocational education

The TEAM#UP project slowly starts. At the end of June, we met all the project partners from the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, and Spain. Now, the intensive work on teaching materials starts. The materials will be prepared for pilot integration into education next year. We are looking forward to cooperation with the Czech project partners: Vyšší odborná škola a Střední zemědělská škola, Benešov, and Pro-Bio Association of Ecological Farmers.

The project is funded by the European Union.

Photo © Vera Grünhage

Further extension of the Database of Successional Series

We successfully continue with completing of our Database of Successional Series to extend it to the European scale (EDaSS). After lava flows in Iceland, we also documented two successional series in Wales, UK - limestone quarries and coal spoil heaps. The series covered the very beginning of succession to advanced stages.

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