For Current and Prospective Students

Possible topics of diploma theses Teaching

Bachelor's, master's, postgraduate and postdoc topics offered:

  • Succession in sites disturbed by mining activities

    Reconstruction of successional development in various sites disturbed by mining activities, e.g. quarries, spoil heaps, sand pits, peatlands, etc., applicable outputs that could be used in reclamation and restoration ecology in general.
    Supervisors: K. Prach (, K. Řehounková (

  • Vegetation succession on abandoned fields

    Successional changes, effect of surrounding vegetation on the course of succession on particular field, manipulation with succession towards a desired target (experimental sowing, removal of certain species, etc.).
    Supervisor: K. Prach (

  • Effect of large herbivores on the restoration of species rich stands

    Restoration of degraded wetland and terrestrial habitats, abandoned military areas, the effect of disturbances, extensive grazing - exmoor pony, European bison, auroch, etc., changes in vegetation.
    Supervisor: Klára Řehounková (

  • Restoration of grasslands on former arable land

    Effect of time from sowing, effect of surrounding vegetation (infiltration of species not sown from surrounding vegetation), quantification of success of sown species, etc.
    Supervisor: K. Prach (, consultant: I. Jongepierová

  • Flowering strips and species rich stands in the urban environment

    Establishment of new and monitoring of already established flowering strips, effect of different types of management, urban ecology.
    Supervisor: Klára Řehounková (