Rules for databases handling:

  • The use of the databases will be approved by a three-member board of authors and administrators (hereafter referred to as the "Board"); the persons are listed at each database. The decision is approved by consensus.
  • The administrator of the respective database is in charge of entering new data into the database and providing data from the database to researchers (after the decision of the Board).
  • Request for data provision, including its objectives, must be addressed to the members of the respective Board by the leading researcher who will use the data. Fair, accurate and transparent use of the data, and report of outputs are required (i.e. report of relevant results or manuscript publication).
  • Authors of the primary data, if available, will always be informed in advance about the preparation of manuscripts based on their data. They are informed by the leading author who will send a copy also to the members of the respective Board.
  • All authors of larger data sets or whole series will be invited to become co-authors of papers if their data form the essential part of the papers. However, the assumption is that they will participate somehow in the preparation of the papers, otherwise their contribution will be mentioned in the Acknowledgments. The decision to use this offer depends on the authors of the data. The rule applied so far is that the authors of the data who are not engaged in analyses or writing manuscripts will be co-authors of the first paper that uses their data (this also applies to authors of smaller data sets). The authors and administrators of the relevant databases become co-authors in any case, unless they expressly refuse.