DASP - DAtabase of Seeded Plots

In 2020, the Restoration Ecology Group started to put together a unique set of phytosociological relevés from different seeded sites in various regions of the Czech Republic. The Database of Seeded Plots (DaSP) currently contains data from regrassing of former arable land in White Carpathians, from sowing of flowering strips in České Budějovice and Jistebnice and from restoration of flowering meadows in Šumava mountains. Seed mixtures of native species, primarily regional seed mixtures, were used for sowing of the sites. The database will be continuously enlarged not only with data from yearly monitoring of already included plots but also with new localities. Scientific papers based on these data will also be gradually published.


Database administrator: Lenka Šebelíková (lenuskasch@gmail.com)