DaSS - Database of Successional Seres

The Restoration Ecology Group has managed to put together a unique set of phytosociological relevés from 40 successional seres from different post-mining and other human-disturbed sites across the Czech Republic. The relevés are collected from a total of 31 authors and are located across the whole country. They contain important information about species composition, successional age and other environmental factors. So far, about 4,000 relevés with more than 1,000 recorded species are available. The database is continuously updated and scietific papers based on these data are gradually published.

The rules for database handling can be found here.

Sere* Location in the Czech Republic Number of samples Number of sampling plots Age of stages [years] Data sources and References
Abandoned fields (S) Various parts 324 255 1–99 Osbornová et al. (1990); Prach et al. (2007); Jírová et al. (2012)
Acidic stone quarries (P) Central 145 145 1–86 Trnková et al. (2010)
Artificial fishpond islands and barriers (P/S) S 171 86 1–136 K. Prach, unpublished; V. Študent, unpublished; P. Janečková, unpublished; Rejmánek & Rejmánková (2002)
Bared bottom (P) NW and E 14 3 1–70 K. Prach, unpublished; J. Chlumsky, unpublished
Basalt quarries (P) NW 440 440 1–80 J. Novák, unpublished; Novák & Prach (2003); Novák & Konvička (2006)
Burnt down forests (S) NW 52 52 1-168 Adámek et al. (2015)
Corridors of former iron curtain (S) SW 156 156 4–54 Z. Špringar, unpublished; P. Koštel, unpublished; K. Vítovcová, unpublished
Died forests after air pollution (S) NW 14 1 1–20 Pyšek (1994)
Extracted peatlands (P) SW 374 271 1–100 Konvalinková & Prach (2010, 2014); Bastl et al. (2009)
Forest clearings (S) Central and N 99 99 1-107 P. Šmilauer, unpublished; P. Petřík, unpublished
Limestone quarries (P) Central and E 184 159 1–93 L. Tichý, unpublished; J. Sádlo, unpublished; A. Bartošová, unpublished
Riverbars (P) NE and S 70 42 1–150 K. Prach, unpublished; Z. Vaněček, unpublished
Road verges (P/S) S 114 94 1–42 Litvín (2000); K. Prach, unpublished; P. Janečková, unpublished
Sand and gravel-sand pits (P) Various parts 235 235 1–75 Řehounková & Prach (2006, 2008, 2010)
Sedimentary basins (P) W and N 21 21 2–41 K. Prach, unpublished; Kovář (2004)
Spoil heaps from black coal mining I (P) Central 91 91 1–100 H. Dvořáková, unpublished; Prach et al. (2013)
Spoil heaps from black coal mining II (P) NE 182 182 1–75 T. Koutecký, unpublished; K. Prach, unpublished
Spoil heaps from brown coal mining I (P) NW 111 111 2–57 Prach (1987); Hodačová & Prach (2003)
Spoil heaps from brown coal mining II (P) W 599 83 1–57 K. Prach, unpublished; O. Mudrák, unpublished; Frouz et al. (2008)
Spoil heaps from uranium mining (P) Central 87 87 7–32 T. Dudíková, unpublished
Urban ruderals (S) W 36 3 1–12 A. Pyšek, unpublished
Wet sand pits (S) Various parts 154 154 1–63 Müllerová et al. (2020)
Wet spoil heaps (S) Various parts 20 20 6–52 A. Müllerová, unpublished
Wet stone quarries (S) Various parts 37 37 11–65 A. Müllerová, unpublished

Character of the ongoing succession is given in parenthesis P - primary, S - secondary

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