When summer asks you what you did during winter...

The research activity on experimental plots in the Cep II sand pit has many aspects. Our team may have been confused with a cheerful bunch of excavation diggers theese days. Minor landslide of a slope above our experimental "chessboard" overlaid one of the plots and silted the drainage channel. It was therefore necessary to take up shovels. In addtion some of the experimental plots were disrupted by creation of small holes for seedlings establishment. In this case spades and rakes were the best working tools. However, not everybody participated equally in the excavation works as you can see in the pictures :).

Entomologists are also working hard and set yellow pan traps. Jiří Řehounek, the leader entomologist of the Cep II sand pit, confided that "thanks to the nice weather it really flies."

Thanks to all "diggers" and "rakers" for their help (Jiří Řehounek, Tomáš Englický, Karel Prach, Klára Řehounková, Kamila Lencová, Lenka Schmidtmayerová)!

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