Water games or new grazing plots in wetlands

Last year, we included the first wetland localities among the areas where we monitor the effect of grazing on the vegetation development. Baroch is a new wetland locality where Exmoor ponies, specifically 11 males, have been grazing since autumn. We sampled Josefovské louky already the last year. In addition to horses, this time we met three aurochs, specifically one curious cub, its mother and another almost-mother. Even though everyone is already expecting the birth, it did not take place during our stay. There was really a lot of water this year, so we had a unique opportunity to put on our new outfits. We look good, don't we? 

Back to science - in Josefovské louky, you can see that the animals can reduce the vegetation cover during the first year. Grazed and ungrazed plots are distinguishable with the naked eye. Different situation is in Podyjí, where we have been monitoring the grazing of dry grasslands already for four years. It seems that the vegetation changes between plots are no longer as significant as in the first years.

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