Two of our students awarded in the Jihočeská ratolest contest!

Two of our students have succeeded in the 7th edition of the contest Jihočeská ratolest which aim is to contribute to improvement of the environment and to rise knowledge in this issue in the South Bohemian region. Our students Anička Müllerová and Míla Prošková have been awarded in the category of bachelor's and master's theses. Anička came second with her master thesis Succession of aquatic and wetland vegetation in abandoned sandpits, and Míla came fourth with her bachelor thesis Establishment of selected late successional and alien woody species in forestry reclaimed and spontaneously developed postmining habitats.

We congratulate Anička and Míla and wish them to enjoy their further work!

Note, that it is not for the first time that our students score in this competition. For example, last year, Lída Vlková won in the same category with her thesis about assisted restoration of a peatland.

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