Study stay in Belgium

One of the most important parts of student life is certainly a PhD study stay abroad. Students from the Ecological restoration working group have an opportunity to choose between several prestigious workplaces dealing with restoration. Anička Müllerová has chosen Flemish (Belgian) Antwerp.

Anička is fulfilling her PhD study stay at the University of Antwerp under the supervision of prof. Rudy van Diggelen. Our working group often collaborates with him and prof. Van Diggelen is also one of the lecturers of the course Ecological restoration I. at the University of South Bohemia.

During her three-month stay, Anička is getting acquainted with projects of ecological restoration of disturbed sites in Belgium and she has, therefore, an opportunity to learn new methods of restoration with specialization in wetlands’ restoration. Furthermore, this study stay is an opportunity to consult not only the already implemented methods of data collections but also new remarks on an improvement of collecting data in wetland habitats. The collaboration with colleagues from the University of Antwerp can contribute to the gain of new knowledge in data sampling of aquatic communities. Apart from that, Anička has a chance to analyse already collected data for her PhD thesis and consult the results of statistical analyses.

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