Sheep on the island - second edition!

Experimental plots for the restoration of dry grasslands on the island in the middle of the Cep II sand pit were grazed again with a small flock of sheep. But this year, there were more sheep and nearly a month earlier than last year. Sheep do not like Lotus corniculatus, which started to expand in certain plots, and Calamagrostis epigejos too much and therefore it was necessary to start grazing when it is very young and juicy. And we can say that the grazing management was successful! Even Pinus trees were deprived of needles. We thank not only the management protagonists themselves, but also Alena Bartošová, the cheerful shepherdess! Last but not least, our thanks belong also to employees of the mining company - Mr. Blafka and the ferry driver who smoothly transported sheep to and from the island.


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