Safari in Milovice

In the former arable field in Milovice, where we transferred biomass three years ago, aurochs and horses have been grazing since this year. So far, the grazed part is only slightly bitten, but it is already clear from the photos that the biomass is lower. In plots with transferred biomass, target species are beginning to increase, together with desired species of herbs and grasses.

We also re-sampled the so-called dust bath places. Unfortunately, some of them were destroyed by wild boars, but we also managed to find completely new plots. Our cars have become an attraction for wild horses. They thought it was candies and appropriately licked the car of the Faculty of Science as well as the Institute of Botany. When it came to kicking, Ondra stopped it as the right leader with the words, "Well, well, well" ... and the cars were saved.

Grazed (left) and ungrazed (right) plots in the former arable field

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