Our last field trips lead to peat bogs

Borkovice - newly created water poolsDuring one week, we visited three freshly revitalized South Bohemian peat bogs. Borkovice, Hrdlořezy and Vlčí jámy have a lot in common. All of them were previously industrially mined. And all of them have been revitalized in recent months to restore their water regime. Blocking of drainage channels and the creation of shallow water pools will help to return the groundwater level to a more suitable state and enable the original peat bog biota to return back.

BorkoviceBorkovice - newly created water pool; no water plants so farHrdlořezyHrdlořezyVlčí jámyVlčí jámyVlčí jámy - places that used to be dry and only slowly overgrown by vegetation are now waterlogged

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