Hot news - flowering strips in city park Stromovka

Mud on our boots has not dried yet - so hot this news is. We have established three flowering strips in the city park Stomovka in collaboration with the Municipality of České Budějovice. We prepared seed mixtures of native grassland species appropriate to moisture and soil conditions in the park. The seed mixtures were supplied by the German company Rieger-Hofmann GmbH (which cultivates regional seed mixtures according to the system of individual regions in Germany, outreaching to the Czech Republic). Since the amount of seeds per square meter was very small, it was necessary to add a crushed corn which helps to sow the plots evenly but does not affect germination of the seeds. We are looking forward the result of our effort! In the next season, the flowering aspect will not probably be fully developed. However, in the summer of 2018, we will hopefully enjoy flowering blossoms and fliting insects.


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