German colleagues from Hochschule Anhalt visited us

In September, our German colleagues, who study flowering strips and their role in increasing biodiversity of plants and insects in agricultural landscape, visited České Budějovice. They spent here 6 and 17 days, respectively. 

Thomas Stahl, Heiner Hensen, Annika Schmidt and Michael Jung are responsible for the field work and data collection on the flowering strips but also for data evaluation and analyses in the German project. Similarly to us, they collect data on vascular plants and selected groups of insects within the flowering strips. Moreover, they do also observation of birds and GIS analyses of the surrounding. "The work of our German colleagues is very inspiring for us. Their experience with designing of the seed mixtures, vast range of the flowering strips and success in negotiations with farmers is invaluable for us. This season they observed 60 flowering strips of tens of hectares," says Lenka Šebelíková, who visited a lot of flowering strips during her stay in Germany in June. "During their stay in České Budějovice they visited our flowering strips and we have the opportunity to discuss the composition of seed mixtures and following management of the flowering strips," added Lenka Šebelíková.

"The situation in Germany is, in this respect, much more favourable than in our country. Establishment of flowering strips is even supported by state subsidies. I firmly believe that the situation in our country will improve and establishment of flowering strips promoting diversity of plants and insects will be supported in urban or even agricultural landscapes," added the investigator of the bilateral Czech-German project Karel Prach.

The stay of our German colleagues in České Budějovice and our stay in Bernburg in June was covered by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic within the Mobility grant 7AMB17DE017 Establishment of species-rich field margins and wildflower strips in rural and urban areas - optimization of methods for biodiversity enhancement.

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