Flower strips in university campus already in flower!

The flower strips in the university campus are already in flower. We are really happy about how they look like. Besides many flowers of Leucanthemum, we can find also flowering Lychnis viscaria, Salvia pratensis, or Reseda lutea. We were surprised that this spring we could not see any nice blue flowers of Centaurea cyanus. Still, we dare to say that the flower strips are nice this year. We are curious how many plant species and how many interesting species of butterflies and bees we will find during the monitoring this year. Therefore we kindly ask - please do not pluck the plants.

The flower strips in city park Stromovka seem to be a bit late in comparison with the flower strips in university campus, however they also look very promising!

(Photo: J. Řehounek, L. Šebelíková)

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