Excellent defense of our colleague's thesis

Miguel Ballesteros Jiménez, who spent several months of his internship with our group, defended his dissertation thesis last week at the University of Granada. His thesis on Restoration of gypsum habitats affected by quarrying: Guidance for assisted vegetation recovery received an excellent evaluation. Klára Řehounková, who also participated, immediately shared her impression with us: "The defense was really great. None of the opponents had any major comment and I believe the results of the thesis will have practical applications." We congratulate Miguel and hope that he will continue with his interesting work. 

Success has to be properly celebrated - for this purpose Miguel's colleagues gave him a guitar and our dignified professor sent him an "important restoration toll" (Marrs 2016).

Marrs R. 2016: Managing soil fertility for ecological restoration. In: Kollman J. & Hermann J.-M. Best practice in restoration. The 10th European conference on ecological restoration abstract volume. Technische Universität München.

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