Conference on Ecological Restoration - continuation

Members of our working group actively participate in the virtual SER conference. The topics of presentations were diverse. Klara talked about "Ten-year progress in the restoration of dry grasslands on arable land using a regional seed mixture: still on the way or on the home stretch?" Kamila presented the results of our peat bog project in a talk "Biodiversity restoration of formerly mined raised bogs - vegetation succession and recovery of other trophic groups". Miguel evaluated the participation of non-native species in successional series within our DaSS database: "Alien species in vegetation succession: participation, temporal trends and determining factors in various central European series". And Anička presented the results of her study on the development of aquatic and wetland vegetation in mining sites in a presentation entitled "Spontaneous succession of aquatic and wetland vegetation in post-mine sites".

Reports from the conference:

Our "conference venue" and especially our conference lunch made us famous.

Karel Prach has already been famous thanks to his work in the field of ecology of restoration. He shared his experience during a meeting with other scientists within the conference program.

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