Summer news from National Nature Monument Váté písky and sand pits in southern Bohemia

In the vegetation season, there is always something going on. In the Váté písky near Bzenec, annual phytosociological sampling was held on permanent plots that were established in 2012. In some parts of the National Nature Monument, Ivana Jongepierová organized the topsoil removal to start the restoration of this rare habitat and to prevent the expansion of Calamagrostis epigejos. This project was successful and instead of stands of Calamagrostis, we now can see open sand patches with Corynephorus canescens stands.

Among others, we also sampled permanent plots that were established after a legendary fire event of Bzenec oak forest in 2012. At leats a small part of this area was left to the spontaneous development after negotiations with foresters.

Another interesting project for maintenance of open sandy patches in sand pits is geocaching. For geocaching fans, there are two series  - Borovany miniseries and Lžín sand pit.

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